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Download Instagram Photos with 4k Stogram

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

4k Stogram is a desktop software which allow you to download all photos from your desired Instagram accounts easily. It also monitors your added profiles and downloads when a new photo is added. Thus it can also be used to get updates of the accounts you are following. Kind of bringing the "see first" feature of Facebook to Instagram. 4k Stogram also has the option to download "stories". Whenever any of your selected accounts will add stories, this app will auto download them. Thus you will get to see all the posted stories even when they get removed later. Among ... (read more)

Windows Live Messenger 9 – Where went the display pictures?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Wondering where went the display pictures of your friend and yourself from the conversion window of the new Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta? (also known as Windows Live Messenger 2009, WLM 9, WLM 2009, MSN Messenger 9, MSN Messenger 2009, and what else?) Dont worry, Micro$oft has not (yet?) started to ... (read more)

Download Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta. MSN Messenger 9 Download

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Download the official beta of Windows Live Messenger 9 (also known as Windows Live Messenger 2009, MSN Messenger 9, MSN Messenger 2009, WLM 9, WLM 2009) directly from Microsoft download site: Download Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta Facebook user? You might also like to try my MSN Messenger Button facebook app. Here is ... (read more)

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