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Wednesday, March 8th, 2006

Update: Windows Live Messenger Color Nick.

Looking for the list of Messenger Plus! Color Codes (MSN Plus Color Codes / MSN Color Codes / Messenger Color Codes / MSN Messenger Plus! Color Codes / Msg Plus Color Codes / Messenger Plus Color Codes / MSN Color Code / MSN Colour Codes / Nick Name Color Codes)? Here you go…

Here you will get the codes which you can MANUALLY put before your MSN Nick Names or Status/Personal Message. Be noted that the viewer needs to have MSN Plus! installed to view the colored result.

If your are looking for a plugin to make nicks colored, read my other tutorial How to use color MSN nicks

Here goes the list of MSN Plus Colour Codes :
Bold: ·#
Italic: ·&
Strike Out: ·'
Underline: ·@
Color: ·$
Terminate: ·0

To use the color code you would need to put a color value after the ·$ sign.

For example to get orange you would have to use ·$7 as 7 is the code for orange. These numbers ase similar to mIRC Color Codes.

More Examples of Color Codes:
White: ·$0 (White)
Black: ·$1 (Black)
Marine: ·$2 (Marine)
Green: ·$3 (Green)
Red: ·$4 (Red)
Brown: ·$5 (Brown)
Purple: ·$6 (Purple)
Orange: ·$7 (Orange)
Yellow: ·$8 (Yellow)
Lime: ·$9 (Lime)
Teal: ·$10 (Teal)
Aqua: ·$11 (Aqua)
Blue: ·$12 (Blue)
Pink: ·$13 (Pink)
Gray: ·$14 (Gray)
Silver : ·$15 (Silver)

Here is a Messenger Plus! Color Chart:

Messenger Plus! Color Codes

You can also set a background color.
For that the format will be: ·foreground color,$background color
So if you want white text on pink ;) background :

More examples of background or highlighting:

Black text on White Background ·$1,0

White text on Black Background ·$0,1

White text on Marine Background ·$0,2

White text on Green Background ·$0,3

White text on Red Background ·$0,4

White text on Brown Background ·$0,5

White text on Purple Background ·$0,6

White text on Orange Background ·$0,7

Red text on Yellow Background ·$4,8

White text on Lime Background ·$0,9

White text on Teal Background ·$0,10

White text on Aqua Background ·$0,11

White text on Blue Background ·$0,12

White text on Pink Background ·$0,13

White text on Gray Background ·$0,14

White text on Silver Background ·$0,15


You can wrap these Color Codes with Bold/Italic/Underline/Strikeout codes.
So if you wanna have a Bold Orange text you put:

Use ·0 to terminate a code.

So to have 1st part in Bold and 2nd part in Italic we do:
This is ·#Bold·0 and this is ·$Italic·0

You can use these codes on Windows Live Messenger ( WLM ) too.

Thanks to Riaz for the codes. And also to John(blog comment), AlexxJohn(blog comment) and ___+++brad+++___(blog comment)

You can also check out How to Record MSN Webcam.

Please do NOT drop your MSN id in comments asking ppl to add you up. DONT!!!

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