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Friday, June 4th, 2010

Perfect Privacy provides you with anonymous access to three dozens of VPN servers at different locations. And this is a rapidly increasing number.

Perfect Privacy currently operates more than three dozens of servers at different locations:
Brisbane, Australia
Shanghai, China
Hong Kong, China
Cyberjaya, Malaysia
Tel Aviv, Israel
Bucharest, Romania
Stockholm, Sweden
3 × Moscow, Russia
Kiev, Ukraine
5 × Erfurt, Germany
2 × Zurich, Switzerland
8 × Steinsel, Luxembourg
4 × Amsterdam, The Netherlands
4 × Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Lyon, France
3 × London, United Kingdom
Southampton, United Kingdom
5 × Montreal, Canada
Chicago, United States
San Diego, United States
Plaza, Panama
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Perfect Privacy is rapidly adding more servers (and with that, locations) to their network. So, I suggest you visit their site here to check out the latest number and location of their servers.

So you can consider their 1 VPN account to be All-in-One USA VPN, UK VPN, Australia VPN, China VPN, Malaysia VPN, Israel VPN, Romania VPN, Sweden VPN, Russia VPN, Ukraine VPN, Germany VPN, Switzerland VPN, Luxembourg VPN, Netherlands VPN, France VPN, Canada VPN, Panama VPN and Argentina VPN.

As a client of Perfect Privacy, you will get access to all their servers. Most other VPN providers usually limit on the number of server/location you can connect to and charge extra for it. You can consider it to be a big advantage over any other VPN provider.

To increase your anonymity, Perfect Privacy does not provide Dedicated Dynamic or Dedicated Static IP Addresses. The assign a single server IP to all connected clients on the server. This has the advantage that your incoming and outgoing traffic can ex post never clearly and unambiguously be assigned or attributed to you. If you had a dynamic IP or a dedicated static IP which only you use, the situation would look entirely different. But as long as dozens if not hundreds of our members who are connected to a server at a certain time span use the same external IP address, it is impossible to say who transferred which data.

However, along with this static shared ip approach, Perfect Privacy also run a number of servers with dynamically assigned IP. The rDNS of these dynamic IP address just looks like the rDNS of any dialup/DSL/cable/fibre provider (e.g. or the like). With this people/websites/Internet services can no longer even tell that members are using a VPN/anonymity/proxy service or even only dedicated server at all. Their dynamic VPN-IP just looks like any other IP address assigned by a dialup, DSL, cable, fibre or satellite ISP.

Perfect Privacy‘s single package also gives you different types of anonymity or security tools. You can use PPTP VPN, OpenVPN, SSH 2 Tunnel, Squid Proxy and SOCKS 5 Proxy. The additional availability of SSH2 tunnels, SOCKS5 and HTTP proxies enables people to cascade as many servers as they like what increases their privacy/security enormously.

At the time of this writing Perfect Privacy is also testing L2TP/IPSec on their beta servers and its expected to be available to all clients in a short time.

All accounts come with unlimited data transfer and P2P, torrent and IRC is allowed.

Perfect Privacy does not collect personal data on sign-up and there is also anonymous payment methods available. They also do not keep logs of your connection data.

Perfect Privacy meets all the requirements for a true 100% privacy like:
a. no collection of personal data during signup (anonymous signup),
b. no collection and/or retention of personal data during payment
(anonymous payment),
c. no collection of connection data or other data (logging) during the
use of our services,
d. anonymization of the connections (on the highest level possible; e.g.
in addition by the possibility to cascade servers or by not only
replacing the IP address and suppressing identifying headers, but also
by altering certain headers instead, giving websites the impression a
person would be using a different operating system, browser, browser
version and plugins than he really does; the possibility to route data
from Perfect Privacy in addition into other, completely independent
privacy networks, such as TOR)
e. encryption of the connections (again on the highest level possible;
we for example use DH 4096 bit and AES-256 with OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec VPN
with 4096 bit moduli or more and the cipher of choice of the client;
permit only the safest PPTP VPN connections: MPPE-128 with MS-CHAPv2, etc.),

I’ll consider Perfect Privacy to be the best anonymity provider I have came across so far. Rather than just “VPN Provider” I’ll actually like to call them a “Privacy Service” or “Internet Encryption and Anonymization Service”.

Join Perfect Privacy today and make your presence totally anonymous!

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